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Why Choose Focus?


Why so many Small Medium Enterprises
Choose us as their IT Business Partner for One-Stop,
All Inclusive, Cyber Solutions?

And why so many leading-edge Technology Partners trusted us to make the right decisions for SMB Users over their range of IT applications in Portland OR and New York?

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Three Good Reasons

  1. Because we represent proven IT value for safeguarding clients’ CyberSecurity; accelerating their Network Speed & Bandwidth, and boosting their Performance, Productivity, & Growth

  2. Because our professional-grade digital protection technologies & recovery capabilities, and our 24/7/365 server and network management has the clients’ back whenever and wherever they need IT support.

  3. Because we provide #1 and #2 above affordably, with no hidden IT costs.

About Us

  • Many CEO’s don’t know if their network is secure from hackers or if their systems are safe. They get a huge shock when a cyber disaster shuts things down. Time is money, which means that downtime in the IT area is expensive. Our Cloud Service Continuity Promise guarantees 99% up-time for your company’s data no matter who or what strikes at your systems. We are all about client IT peace of mind.

  • Often SMB management overthinks its IT systems. Confusion eventually sets in, clouding all logical thinking like a ball scattering pins in a bowling alley. The business subsequently deals with inadequate networks or network overkill. The excessive strain results in unexpected or unnecessary costs, respectively. Either way, extra cost spells out lower revenues, and therefore reduced ROI.

  • We are always aware of the client’s bottom line. That’s why we offer free initial Office Network Assessments going in. We aim to provide Smart IT Concierge Solutions with a state-of-the-art technology team outside of the client’s office, for a fraction of the cost of managing a full IT facility in-house.

Find out how FOCUS can help you manage your company’s network
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